How To Seal Your Dried Herbs In A Tuna Can Quickly

This tutorial will demonstrate how you can seal your cannabis or dried herbs in a tuna can within seconds. This machine is for people who will be sealing a large amount of dried herbs inside their tuna cans. You can get hundreds of cans sealed quite quickly with this amazing machine. In this tutorial we will be using an automatic tuna can sealer known as the All American 225 Can Sealer.

 All American 225 Can Sealer tutorial

Step 1: Place your dried herbs or cannabis inside the can and place the lid on top

The first step is to fill the empty tuna can with your dried herbs or marijuana and place the tuna can lid on top. Make sure the lid is lined up with the edge of the can to the best of your ability.

All American 225 Manual Can Sealer

Step 2: Turn the main power switch on

This machine has two switches to activate power: one is the main power and one activates the automation. For this step, we are turning the main power on.

All American 225 tutorial

Step 3: Place can on chuck and crank lever to lift in place

Now that your tuna can is filled, you can place the can and lid on the chuck and lift it into place. Much like other can sealers we have reviewed, ensure the fit is snug but not too tight. The spring under the chuck with compress slightly if done correctly.

can sealed cannabis tutorial
cannabis canning

Step 4: Activate start switch

As mentioned above, there is two power switches and now we will activate the second one to begin automation.

cannabis being canned

Step 5: Sit back and relax

Within seconds, your cannabis or dried herb will be tightly sealed inside of the can. This machine only takes seconds to complete the sealing from start to finish.

Thanks for reading this tutorial on how to seal your cannabis or dried herbs with an All American 225 Manual Can Sealer. If you’d like to purchase the cans or machine featured in this tutorial, head over to Wells Can.

This article was written by MH.