About Us

Wells Can Company Ltd. has been a leading supplier of metal cans, canning supplies and services to the commercial fishing and packing industry along Canada’s west coast since 1953. Prior to the formation of the current company, the history of the Wells name goes back even further. Beyond the simple supply of tin cans, Wells Cartage, Wells Air Transport and Wells Labeling Contractors were part of the conglomerate adding value to both production and distribution of the product. Little is known of these early years. We would love to hear from anyone who had a personal connection or a story to tell.

Canning and Food Preservation

Wells Air Transport Ltd.
A Wells Air Transport Ltd. pilot and executive chatting after a delivery sometime in the 1930’s.

Today, Wells Can Company continues to carry food cans, manual or electric can sealing machines and pressure canning equipment, parts and supplies for the sportsman, small to medium scale producer or home canning and food preservation enthusiast. We are more than just cans though when it comes to preserving, storing and preparing your catch or harvest. Whether canning with jars, vacuum sealing, smoking, dehydrating, fermenting or freeze drying, Wells Can Company can provide the equipment, expertise and supplies you need.

Industrial Containers

General line container products include metal or plastic pails and metal cans for paints, coatings, solvents or chemicals being used for production, packaging, repackaging, mixing, storage, transport or application.

Retail Merchandising

Unique metal merchandising containers for resale or boutique production. Differentiate your product packaging by choosing between deep or shallow, seemed and rolled or seamless and drawn tins of various sizes and profiles. Whether round, square or oblong with solid, window, screw, hinged, slip, slide or snap tops and covers we can source, procure and stock the inventory you need. Packaging for tea, coffee, soap, candles, salves, ointments, herbs, spices, jewelry or whatever you can envision.

Fund raising

Coin and bill donation collection cans for your organizational fund raising campaigns.

Wholesale Distribution Partnership

Wells Can is your sourcing, procurement, importation, transport, logistics and warehousing partner. We provide both our industrial, production, retail and not-for-profit clients with “in stock” inventory and timely wholesale distribution of the supplies or packaging products that are critical to the operation of their businesses.

Contact us to see how Wells Can Company can work with you to provide your preservation and packaging solutions.

The Wells Philosophy

These are the products we sell. Most are products that we have sold for a long time and can stand behind. As the latest generation of owners of the Wells Can Company, we have come to realize that some of these products represent a philosophy or lifestyle. We are learners. We learn by doing and we learn by sharing. A new generation is discovering old world practices. We are concerned with global food waste, world hunger, food quality and security. We support local production and consumption. Our customers are the makers we want to support, teach and learn from.