How To Can Beer Or Soda At Home

Today we are going to learn a simple way to can your own beer or soda at home with an All American Manual Flywheel Can Sealer. With this manual can sealer you can use 12oz and 16oz sized cans to seal your liquid of choice. This canning machine is designed with simplicity and low maintenance in mind, the Home Beer Canning Sealer is known for its durability and dependability. Easy to configure, and light by comparison to heavier electric alternatives, this useful tool is portable and easy to setup anywhere. Preserve your brew using this trusted can sealer.

How to can beer and soda at home

Step 1: Fill empty can with liquid and place on the machines chuck

Once you have your can filled, loosely place the lid on top and line it up on the machines chuck. This is the first step to having delicious home canned beer that looks professionally packaged.

canning beer at home

Step 2: Turn crank and lift the can into place.

This will lift the can into position and fit it securely in the can sealer. Ensure there is tension, but not enough to crush the can. You will see the spring on the bottom compress with tension to ensure you don’t crush the can.

how to can my beer at home

Step 3: Crank wheel until can is sealed

Begin cranking the flywheel until the can is fully sealed. You will see both seaming rollers work one after another as the can becomes sealed.

home beer canner
Crank, Crank, Crank!
All American Manual Flywheel Can Sealer for 12oz and 16oz Beer Cans

The can is now sealed!

Your can is now sealed and ready for consumption. This was completed with no electricity and only a few moments to have a professional looking can.

home canned beer machine

Thanks for checking out this guide on how to can your beer at home. If you’d like to purchase the cans or machine shown in this video, head over to Wells Can.