How To Seal Dried Herbs In A Tuna Can

Today we are going to show you an easy way to store your dried herbs or cannabis inside of a tuna can for long term storage. In this tutorial we are going to be using an Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer, model 900WC. Using a manual can sealer can increase the lifespan of your marijuana or dried herbs due to the can being airtight and completely water proof. Another benefit of using a manual can sealer is the cans are completely smell proof, so there is no chance of anyone knowing what is inside the can until it’s cracked open.

Cannabis in a tuna can tutorial

Step 1 : Ensure can sealers progress window is set to zero.

There will be a small window on the top of the can sealer which will indicate where the progress of the can sealer is. Ensure that it is set to zero, this is always going to be the starting position we use when canning with an Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer.

How to seal weed in a tuna can

Step 2 : Fill the can with dried herbs and place the lid on

Now it’s time to grab your favorite dried herb and fill the can. Loosely place the can lid on top and you’re ready to start sealing the herbs.

cannabis tuna can
marijuana tuna can
Placing the lid on your filled tuna can

Step 3 : Place can on base plate and guide the can to match the chuck as you crank down

Simply line up the can and pull the crank down to ensure the can is fitted snugly in the can sealer. It should be snug, but not so tight that it does damage to the can. You will see the bottom spring compress under the pressure if done correctly.

cannabis being canned
airtight cannabis storage

Crank the handle 20 revolutions

Now that the can is locked and loaded, it’s time to get it sealed. Crank the handle 10 times until you see a “1” appear in the progress window and then continue cranking another 10 revolutions.

cannabis tuna can

Step 4 : Lift the crank and enjoy !

Your dried herbs or cannabis is now tightly sealed inside of the tuna can in only a few moments from start to finish.

marijuana sealing methods

PRO TIP : Use a plastic resealable lid after you have opened the can for long term use.

Tuna can resealable lid

Thanks for checking out this guide on how to seal cannabis and dried herbs inside of a tuna can. If you’d like to purchase the can sealer or cans featured in this article, head over to our store at Wells Can.

This article was written by MH.