How To calibrate An All American 225 Can Sealer

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Once in a while you may have to make a small adjustment to your All American 225 Can Sealer seaming rollers. This can be for a number of reasons such as being worn out, too tight or simply in the wrong place. In this tutorial, we will explain how calibrate your seaming rollers on the All American 225 Can Sealer.

Gather the required tools

For this tutorial, we are going to be using a crescent wrench and a screw driver to adjust our seaming rollers.

Begin Adjusting

Next, you want to use the crescent wrench of the nut and loosen it off. Once the nut is loose and can be twisted with your fingers, grab the screw driver to adjust the bolt.

Do not over tighten in either direction, this is very important! We recommend only moving the bolt a half turn in either direction. You will be adjusting the roller in or out depending on how tight the roller already is.

Once you have adjusted the roller to your requirements, lock the bolt back in place.

Adjusting the seaming roller with a screwdriver and crescent wrench

Repeat steps on opposite seaming roller

Now that you have adjusted the first roller, move to the other side and complete the same steps.

Adjusting the opposite seaming roller

How to test your calibration

Now that you have completed calibration, it’s time to measure what you’ve done. Every All American 225 that is purchased from Wells Can, comes with gauge to measure your cans to ensure the rollers aren’t too tight. The right side is to test the first seaming roller and the left side to test the second seaming roller.

All American 225 Gauge

For this demonstration, we used a can that has already been sealed so we will just be measuring the second seaming roller.Place it on the lip of the can and slide it around the circumference of the lid. If the gauge slides over the lip of the can then you will know that your seam is tight enough for sealing. If it’s not tight enough, the gauge will not slide over the can. To test both seaming rollers, let the first seaming roller do it’s job and then remove the can and measure the seam.

Measuring the left seaming roller on a sealed tuna can

Thanks for checking out our tutorial on how to calibrate the seaming rollers on an All American 225 Can Sealer.

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How to change the chuck on an All American 225 Can Sealer

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Today we are going to demonstrate how to change the chuck on an All American 225 Can Sealer, one of our most popular can sealers. This tutorial will show you a detailed guide on how to change the chuck and make adjustments for different can sizes. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be changing from a 3 oz can sized chuck to a 6 oz can sized chuck.

Remove the base plate and washers

The first step is to remove the base plate and all washers you have placed on the shaft of the 225 Can Sealer; by doing this you will have plenty of room to continue the task.

All American 225 Can Sealer base plate
Removing the base plate
All American 225 Shaft and Washers
Removing the washers and shaft

Move the adjusting rivets

The next step will be remove the adjusting rivets and place them on the furthest point of the sealer. For the All American 225, we will be moving the adjustment rivet to the number 3. Do this on both sides of the sealer so the seaming rollers are out of the way while you replace the chuck.

All American 225 can sealer
Removing the rivet on the right seaming roller
all american 225 tutorials
Placing rivet in the “3” hole

Once this step is complete, you should see both seaming rollers open wide and you are now ready to remove the chuck that is currently installed.

Remove the chuck

Now that you have the space to remove the chuck, place your thumb in the gap and begin to gently wiggle the chuck while pushing down. You should feel it slowly start to come out of the canning machine. Once you have the chuck removed, place it aside and grab the new chuck you want to install.

Removing an all american 225 chuck
Removing an All American 225 chuck

Installing the new chuck

We are now ready to install our 307 chuck which fits 6 oz tuna cans. The shaft has a flat edge on it which you will need to line up inside the machine when fitting the new chuck into place.

All American 225 can sealer
The flat edge of the 307 chuck

Push the chuck into place gently until it won’t move anymore. At this point you will have to slowly rotate the chuck until the flat edge finds it’s groove inside the machine and fits in tightly.

All American 225 can sealer
Rotating the chuck into place

Adjust seaming rollers for new chuck

Now that the new chuck is fitted, we need to adjust the seaming rollers for the new can size. As mentioned before, the new chuck we are using is for 6 oz tuna cans which matches up with the number 2 on the rivet holes next to the seaming rollers. We will be moving the rivet from 3 to 2 in this step, on both seaming rollers.

All American 225 can sealer
Adjusting the rivets for the new can size

Re-installing the base plate and washers/shaft

The final step before you can start canning is to put the base plate and shaft back into place. Due to the change in can size, we had to remove two washers from our shaft to fit the new can size on our chuck. T

All American 225 can sealer
Removing two washers for size

The correct amount of washers will fit the can snug while causing the bottom spring to compress slightly.

All American 225 can sealer
Spring compression being demonstrated on the All American 225 can sealer

Once this is done, screw the base plate back on and you’re ready to start canning! Thanks for checking out our guide on how to change the chuck on an All American 225 can sealer.

This article was written by MH.