Ives Way Can Sealer – Chuck Change Tutorial

One of the most common questions we get about the Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer is how to change the chuck. Changing the chuck is essential to using various can sizes on the can sealer and by the end of this tutorial you will be confident in how to change the chuck on your Ives Way Can Sealer.

Open the crank and remove base plate

The first step to changing the chuck is lowering the base plate by using the hand crank. This will allow us to have proper space to remove the chuck and shaft. Once the base plate is lowered, remove it along with the shaft and place the two pieces off to the side.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Lowering base plate
Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Removing base plate and shaft

Move seaming rollers

The next is to move the seaming rollers out of the way so they don’t get damaged while we are changing the chuck on our Ives Way Manual Can Sealer. We are using a 3 inch metal pin to loosen the seaming rollers by inserting it into the hole and turning.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Loosening the first seaming roller

Once that is down, rotate the thumb screw so the seaming roller is moving away from the chuck area.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer

Removing the chuck

The next step is to remove the old chuck in preparation for the replacement chuck you are installing. The chuck has two holes on it and you will then slide the metal pin into one of those holes.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Inserting pin into chuck hole

Once you find the hole, hold the pin in place and begin to rotate counter clockwise on the crank. The pin will butt up against the canning machine and you will feel the crank lock up. Give the crank a little extra force and the chuck should now be loose enough that you can finish unscrewing it by hand.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
The final crank

Removing the chuck screw

Now that you have the chuck out of the can sealer, you need to remove the chuck screw. This screw will be pressure fitted in the chuck and you will need to use a blunt object such as a hammer to unseat it.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Pressure fitted screw

Place the screw and chuck flat on the table and give it a gentle tap with a small hammer as shown below.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Removing chuck screw

Installing the new chuck

Now that you have removed the old chuck and chuck screw you are now ready to install the new chuck in your Ives Way Can Sealer. Grab the new chuck you’d like to install and place the chuck screw inside of it.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Installing chuck screw in new chuck

Once the chuck screw is in place, bring the new chuck to the can sealer and begin to hand tighten the chuck screw into place. Once it is snug in place, grab the metal pin you used to release the old chuck. Place pin in one of the holes on the new chuck and rotate the crank once again but in the reverse direction this time (clockwise). The crank will feel tight, but keep turning it even though you will feel friction.

Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Hand tightening the chuck screw with new chuck in place
Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer
Fully tightened chuck

Now that the new chuck is in place, you are ready to put your base plate and shaft back in place. Thanks for reading this tutorial on how to change the chuck on an Ives-Way Manual Can Sealer .

This article was written by MH.