How To Replace A Weston Pro-2300 Teflon Strip

The Weston Pro-2300 is considered the workhorse of the vacuum sealer world, it keeps going and going with little to no maintenance. However, much like any machine you will need to do some upkeep to ensure the machine is functioning in tip top shape. Today we are going to show you how to replace the Teflon strip on the heating bar which will ensure that the machine doesn’t overheat.

Removing the old strip

The first step is to remove the worn out Teflon strip from the Weston Pro-2300. Slowly peel it off like an old piece of tape and place it off to the side in preparation for a new strip.

Weston Pro-2300
Removal of old Teflon strip

Remove heating element

There is a heating element below the Teflon you just removed that needs to be taken off. To do this, it is recommended to use a small Popsicle stick sized spacer on each end. This will hold the spring from snapping back while you work on it. Place these on both ends of the vacuum sealer.

Weston Pro-2300
Left side spacer
Weston Pro-2300
Right side spacer

Unscrew the heating element

Now that your spacers are in place, you can begin to unscrew the heating element. There is one screw on either side holding it to the vacuum sealer. Once the screw is removed, set it aside somewhere safe where it won’t get lost. Now you can gently lift the heating element off the machine and set it aside for disposal.

Weston Pro-2300
Unscrewing the right side of the heating element
Weston Pro-2300
Lifting heating element off

What is under the heating element?

To ensure the machine doesn’t short out, there is an additional strip under the heating element as shown in the photo below.

Weston Pro-2300

Installing the new heating element

Now that you have the old element removed, grab your new heating element and lay it into place, lining up with the screw holes. Using a magnetic screw driver is going to make this job a lot easier, so we recommend picking one up. Do not tighten one side all the way until the opposite side is loosely screwed in. Once they are both in place, you can tighten them tightly.

Weston Pro-2300
Screwing down the new heating element

Preparing for the new Teflon strip

Now that the new heating element is installed, it’s time to install our replacement Teflon strip on top. This Teflon strip is important because it will ensure the heating element doesn’t stick to the bag as it seals the plastic.

Before we lay the strip, we need to ensure the surface is clean. Grab some rubbing alcohol and a cloth and wipe the surface gently. Clean the heating element itself and the two white areas beside it. Once you have done that, use the other side of the cloth to dry it off.

Weston Pro-2300
Cleaning with rubbing alcohol to ensure surface is clean for new Teflon strip

Installing the new Teflon strip

The Teflon tape will come with a yellow backing, peel it back approximately 2 inches.

Weston Pro-2300
Peel the backing

Place the Teflon strip flush with the edge of the machine, lining it up with the corner. You will be lining up the Teflon with the front of the machine while laying the strip down.

Weston Pro-2300

Peel back a few more inches of the backing and pull tension as you lay it down. Continue to do this the whole way through (peel backing, apply tension, lay it down, repeat!)

Weston Pro-2300
Laying down, inch by inch with tension
Weston Pro-2300
Finished product installed correctly

I have a small gap, is that normal?

If done correctly, there will be a small gap as shown in the picture. This is completely normal and is used for cooling purposes.

Weston Pro-2300
Ventilation gap being shown

Thanks for checking out our tutorial on how to replace the heating element in a Weston Pro-2300.

Article by MH