100ml Boston Amber Metric Round 24-400


100ml Boston Amber Metric Round 24-400 RP-33

Product priced individually per jar.
Only lids with size 24-400 will fit this jar.
Lids sold separately.

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Case of 144

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Single Bottle/Jar

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Case of 144

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Single Bottle/Jar

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100ml Boston Amber Metric Round 24-400 RP-33

The 5121-0357-1 is a 100 ml amber glass Boston round bottle with 24-400 neck finish. The Boston round bottle is distinctive in its classic shape. Characteristic of the Boston round are its rounded shoulders and rounded base. Glass has high clarity, can be colored, has high chemical-resistance levels, and has extremely high resistance to heat and cold. It is great for storing essential oils. All glass at wellscan.ca is lead free. This container is amber, a rich and vibrant orange-brown. In the case of glass, this amber color is made by mixing sulfur, iron and carbon into the base glass. Plastics are colored by using pigments. amber containers are shaded from light amber to almost black. This amber color provides some UV protection for light-sensitive products. This item has a 24-400 neck finish. The first number refers to the diameter (in mm), and the second refers to the closure depth, style and thread. This container can be paired with a closure with this matching finish.

Product Properties and Specifications
Temperature Tolerances: Low -90 High 280
Clarity: High
Chemical Resistance: High
Impact Resistance: Low
Rigidity: High
Scratch Resistance: High
Food Contact Acceptable: Yes
Recyclable Material: Yes
Colour: Amber
Size: 100 ml
Material: Glass
Pack Sizes: N/A
Container Dimensions: Dia. (updating soon) Height (updating soon)
Approx. Label Dimensions: (updating soon) (width x height)


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Weight N/A
Dimensions 14 × 5 × 5 cm
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Single Bottle/Jar, Case of 144