Plastic Overcaps For Metal Cans Reference Chart

Plastic Overcaps For Metal Cans Reference

For dry-storage foods and goods it is always a challenge on how to keep contents fresh. This especially true after the can has been opened. Often preserving contents after opening require transferring the contents to another resealable container. Sometimes this means having to make multiple containers available. This is a potential point of frustration. To solve this problem, plastic overcaps for metal cans are a great solution because they allow the can to be resealed after opening. This helps to preserve freshness, control odors, and reduces the need for multiple containers. As a finishing touch, plastic overcaps work best with cans that have been sealed using our range of “easy-open” pull-tab snap lids.

The following chart lists the sizes of plastic overcaps that we offer and provides a quick reference to the cans for which the overcaps are intended:

Overcap SKU Overcap Size Can Description Can SKU Can Diameter
 T2211MF 211 10oz Food Can  101100110100 2-11/16″
 T2300M 300 14oz Donation Tin  COIN14PT 3″
 IPL301CE 301 4oz Tuna Can  101100104000EZ 3-1/16″
16oz Tapered Can  101100116010EZ 3-1/16″
 T2307M 307 6oz Salmon Can  BPFC307111EZ 3-7/16″
8oz Tapered Can  101100108010EZ 3-7/16″
13oz Food Can  101100113100EZ 3-7/16″
19oz Food Can  101100119100EZ 3-7/6″
 T2401M 401 28oz Food Can  101100128100 4-1/16″
 T2603M 603 100oz Storage Can  101100150400 6-3/16″


  1. These overcaps will only work with metal cans and those cans having the sizes as indicated in the above chart. The correct fit assumes normal sealing procedures are followed for the associated can.
  2. Please ensure that the product is suitable for your application. Wells Can Company does not warranty cans for any use whatsoever neither does Wells Can Company warranty overcaps for any use.
  3. Metal tin cans have sharp edges. Use at own risk. Handle metal tin cans with care. In the event of injury, seek medical attention immediately.
  4. Cans and overcaps are not returnable nor refundable. All sales are final.