Wells Can Company COVID19 Procedures

In light of the outbreak, we want to assure all our customers that we at Wells Can take every care and precaution to ensure that our products are handled in a appropriate and safe manner.

In line with our Health Official’s protocols, Wells Can is currently operating at minimum staff capacity. We ask for your patience when calling by telephone or communicating via email. Online orders may take longer than usual to complete due to our reduced staff complement. However, we will continue to strive to provide with excellent service you have come to expect of us.

IMPORTANT CHANGE TO OUR RETURN POLICY: At this time during COVID-19 pandemic we will NOT be accepting any returns. All sales are final. We regret any inconvenience incurred and will return to normal after COVID-19 is over.

Please follow the procedures below based on your choice of ordering.

I. Online Orders

  1. We will continue with online orders with our normal courier providers. This will continue until further notice. No further changes are being made at this time.
  2. For online orders where customers wish to pick up directly please follow our pickup procedure.
  3. Orders placed by email will be processed the next business day.

II. Telephone Orders

  1. At this time, telephone orders are only available to existing customers. (Please try to order online where possible)
  2. All telephone orders will be ready for pick up next business day unless notified otherwise.
  3. Telephone orders can be placed with any of our warehouses using any of the following phone numbers: Toll free (Burnaby) 1-888-935-5722; Burnaby (Local) 604-420-0959; Edmonton (Local) 780-452-5158.
  4. Order placed via telephone to be shipped directly to customers will follow the same procedures as online orders.
  5. Order placed via telephone for pick up will follow our pick up procedure.

III. Pick up Procedures

  1. The showroom doors will be closed to the public. Please use the shipping and receiving door for pick up and payment when necessary. 
  2. At the time of pick up customers will be required to provide the order number that they received when placing the order either by telephone or online.
  3. If you are paying for your order by cash please follow our cash payment procedure.
  4. We ask all our customers who pick up in person to be considerate to our staff members and practice social distancing in the most appropriate way possible. 

IV. Cash or Machine Payment Procedures at our warehouses

  1. Cash: No coin change will be issued or exchanged at this time.
  2. For cash payments, all orders will be rounded up to the nearest $5-00
  3. Please note: NO COIN CHANGE will be given.
  4. For machine payments, payments will be taken to the amount as reflected on your order.
  5. Our card processing machine(s) are regularly disinfected. We will also disinfect our terminal(s)  after each use by a customer.

Our recommendation for the most efficient and safest way to order is to order and pay online. Customers entering our warehouse(s) without a valid order number will be turned away. No exceptions.