1oz Deep Slipcover Drawn Tins


Pack Quantities: Sold in units of singles or cartons of 120 or case lot quantities of 720.

One ounce, deep-dish seamless tins are perfect for many applications including candles, candies and confections, spices, and a myriad of other uses. Our quality seamless tin covers and bodies are either curled or hemmed to provide a safe edge.

We always recommend you test your products for compatibility with our cans.

Volumetric sizes are for comparative purposes only and are descriptive estimates of product capacities.


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Seamless Tins

Constructed from a single piece of tin drawn to form the body of the can, Our tins are proudly presented as superior quality seamless tins that have no welded or crimped seams which means no leaks.
An array of diameters and heights of flat and deep style seamless cans are stocked* in a plain tin finish.
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No sharp edges! Our seamless tin covers and bodies are either curled or hemmed to provide a safe edge.

Great for:

  • CD & DVD Packaging
  • Candle Tins
  • Confections and Candy Tins
  • Cosmetics Packaging
  • Jewelry
  • Laboratory Testing Tins & Specimen Tins
  • Mint Tins
  • Ointment Tins
  • Soldering Paste
  • Spice Packaging
  • Tea Tins
  • And More!

Spice Tins

Heat, light, moisture and air are enemies of herbs and spices. Exposure to these elements greatly reduces quality, color, flavor, and essential oil content. Experts agree, spices stay fresher longer when stored in dark containers to protect them. One study, carried out over a six-year period, showed that spices kept in clear containers lost 47% of their essential oils, while those kept in dark containers such as tins, lost only 0-5% of their essential oils regardless of whether the spice was powdered or whole.*

Wells Can offers an expansive selection of tins suitable for packaging herbs and spices from two-piece seamless tins to hermetic cans for bulk spices that seal in air-tight freshness, screw top tins and interior seal tins. Many tins have low minimum purchase requirements and are in stock and ready to ship. We also offer custom sizes, shapes and printing and embossing. A tin can be easily labeled or custom printed, there are a wide variety of sizes and shapes available, and they eliminate the issues of jars breaking in transit. Your shipping costs may even be reduced because tins weigh less than many other packaging options. Tins are infinitely recyclable and all tins offered by Wells Can are made of recycled steel.

*Anise, cardamom, fennel, cumin, sweet marjoram, mace, cloves, pepper, allspice and cinnamon were among the tested spices by our manufacturers of these listed cans.

Candle Tins

They’re warming, romantic, inspiring, relaxing, comforting, symbolic. Packaging should be a reflection of your image and the message you want to convey and tins provide the perfect packaging for branding your story. Tins have a chameleon-like quality that few other packaging can boast: tins can transform from elegant to rustic and anything in-between

Candle makers and fragrance packagers are faced with complex decisions. Selecting tins as your packaging solution can alleviate the stress of at least one of them. The tin container eliminates the worry over “wet spots” commonly found in glass container candles, and does not require a second pour.

  • Easily labeled or custom printed
  • Wide variety of tin sizes and shapes
  • Eliminates jars breaking in transit
  • Shipping costs are reduced because tins weigh less than other packaging options.

Wells Can offers low minimum order requirements on our brushed silver stock tins.

Candy & Mint Tins

Our tins are food safe.* CrystalClear™ tins incorporate windows in the covers constructed of food-grade APET. Covers and bodies are either hemmed or curled to provide a safe edge. Solid top lids and CrystalClear™ window lids are available in an array of tin sizes. Shapes include round, square and oblong slider tins. Custom printing is available quantities of 10,000+.

*Tins are food safe for dry goods as specified by the manufacturer. We always recommend you test your products for compatibility. Wells Can does not guarantee any of our tins for any specific use, including and not limited, to the use of food. Purchaser is required to determine suitability of product for intended use.

Label-It Specimen & Lab Tins

Proper sample collection and handling is an integral part of obtaining a valid and timely laboratory test result. Our Label-It tins are ideal for sample collection and storage and the paper top allows for writing identification. These tins are available on special order

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Single Tin, Box of 120, Case of 720, Bulk Lot of 2160 [3 Cases of 720]