Shield N Seal 5″x8″ Black-Clear Pre-Cut 5mil Vac Bag w/zipper


Product Highlights

  • Box Contents: 50 vacuum seal bags
  • Size: 5″ x 8″
  • Material: Super Thick Food Grade, BPA Free Black and Clear Plastic
  • Zipper Feature: Seal Again and Again
  • Wholesale: 1 case contains 30 boxes (1500 Bags)


Shield N Seal 5″x8″ Pre-cut Clear / Black 5mil Vac Zipper Bags 50 pack

Shield N Seal’s Clear and Black 5″ x 8″ Vacuum Sealer Bags are perfect for small storage, travel, and organization. Our thick BPA free zipper bags safely store food, or can help you organize office supplies, survival gear, daily medications, or even computer cables.

And while it locks in flavour, it will also lock in odour.  You don’t have to worry about strong smells emanating from a Shield N Seal bag. Pungent food or garden odours are locked in tight, for good.

These bags have a unique double seal feature.  You can vacuum seal your bag, and then use our zipper closure to open and close your bag over and over again. These bags enable you to decided between long and short term storage while maintaining the highest quality and integrity available on the market.

The clear plastic is perfect so you can see the contents of your bag, and has white areas that make it easy to label. You’ll be able to easily find what you’re looking for as you pull it out of storage.

Don’t forget to reuse your bags!  Just trim off the rough edge, and reseal.  It’s simple to save money by not only saving money on food, but also on the bags themselves.

Our bags feature a honeycomb channel system that makes them compatible with most sealers that are 8″ or wider.  We recommend using our Sealers for the strongest, thickest seal, but our bags can be used with a variety of systems.

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Box of 50 Bags, Case of 30 Boxes

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