Shield N Seal 3″x5″ Black-Clear Pre-Cut 5mil Vac Bag w/zipper


  • Box Contents: 50 strips of 5 portion bags. 250 bags total
  • Size: 3 inches by 5 inches
  • Material: Super Thick Food Grade Black and Clear BPA free plastic
  • Wholesale: 1 case contains 5 boxes (250 Strips of 5 portion bags. 1,250 Bags total)

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Shield N Seal 3″x5″ Pre-cut Black / Clear 5mil Impact Zipper Bags 250 pack

Impact Seal Portion Bags

Shield N Seal Impact seal portion bags are perfect for organization, travel, and crafting.

Airtight, Leakproof, and Secure
Our airtight, zip lock seal locks in the flavor and aroma of your foods, eliminates odors, and extends the freshness longer than conventional methods.
Keeps your valuables and small items waterproof,
moisture proof, leak proof, and secure. Great way to organize and preserve.

Seal in Freshness
Seal in the freshness of fresh and dried herbs, nuts, lentils, snacks, and more! Retain taste, texture, aroma, and nutritional value, increasing the lifespan of foods up to 5 times.

Versatile and Compatible
Shield N Seal® portion bags are BPA-free and versatile —- boil, freeze, refrigerate, and use for dry storage.
Our bags are quick and easy —- seal 5 bags at once, then perf apart. Packaged in 50 sets of 5 bags, 3” x 5” each, 250 total bags.

Zipper Closure
Seal the open end with our Shield N Seal® Impact Sealer (also compatible with most other brands of impact sealers). The other end is pre-sealed with a zipper closure. Cut the pre-sealed end to use the zipper closure.

Everyday, Everywhere
Gardeners: fresh and dried herbs
Cooks: spices, powders, salad dressing and condiments Fisherman: flys, hook, ankers, and more
Crafters: beads, jewelry, and small items
Handyman: nuts, bolts, nails and other hardware Traveler: medications and supplements

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