Semi-Auto Round Bottle Labeling Machine KL-S180


Semi-auto Round Bottle Labeling Machine


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Semi-auto Round Bottle Labeling Machine

KL-S180 semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is an ideal equipment for semi-automatic labeling of round bottle products in daily chemical, food and beverage, medicine, chemical and other light industries.

This machine is suitable for round bottles of various sizes and is suitable for small batch and multi-variety production.

Note: This machine can only be used for stand-alone labeling.

Model: KL-S180

Voltage: 110V/60Hz

Power: 40W

Labeling Speed (pcs/min): 25-50

Labeling Accuracy(mm): ±0.5mm

Roller Diameter: ≥ φ 75mm

Roller Outside Diameter: ≤ φ 260mm

Bottle Size: Diameter: φ 15-150mm

Label Size: W:20-140mm, L:30-200mm

Dimension: 880x300x350mm

Weight: 21kg

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 88 × 30 × 40 cm