30ml Childproof Glass Dropper 20-400

30ml Childproof Glass Dropper 20-400

Product priced individually per item.
Only fits Jars sizes 20-400
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30ml Childproof Glass Dropper 20-400

The CGSRCGD20400-1 is a black rubber 20-400 ribbed skirt child-resistant dropper assembly with rubber bulb and glass pipette (30ml bottle). This closure has been equipped with a child-resistant feature. This dropper features a ribbed skirt and a glass tube making it ideal for cosmetic, oil, or chemical applications.  This dropper will hold .8cc of liquid with a full draw of the bulb. The bulb is black rubber.

Product Properties and Specifications

Temperature Tolerances: Low -0 High 240
Clarity: High
Chemical Resistance: Good
Impact Resistance: Good
Rigidity: High
Scratch Resistance: High
Food Contact Acceptable: Yes
Recyclable Material: Yes
Colour: Clear
Size: Fits 20-400
Material: Glass & Rubber
Pack Sizes: N/A

Additional information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 cm
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