30ml Amber Vertical Dropper Bottle 18-415

30ml Amber Vertical Dropper Bottle.

GL18 or 18mm Insert and Lid sold separately.

Refer to detailed product description below for more information.

In Stock: Usually ships within 72 hours

In Stock: Usually ships within 72 hours

Expected availability is 6 weeks

Expected availability is 6 weeks

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30ml Amber Vertical Dropper Bottle with GL18 Insert and Lid

The 5121-0171-1 is a 30ml amber color dropper bottle is a popular choice for essential oil, tinctures, perfumes, and other personal care liquid products. This bottle pairs with tamper evident plastic screw caps with vertical dropper inserts. The drop drips centrally from the drop pipe that is set in the middle and doesn’t touch the rim. The air pipe is positioned at the side. The drop speed and the drop size and/or weight depend on the diameter of the drop and air pipes as well as on the consistency of the fluid. You can easily identify a Vertical Dropper by the ‘long’ air pipe on the side of the component. Ideal for precision dispensing, 1 drop at a time.

Product Properties and Specifications

Temperature Tolerances: Low -90 High 280
Clarity: High
Chemical Resistance: High
Impact Resistance: Low
Rigidity: High
Scratch Resistance: High
Food Contact Acceptable: Yes
Recyclable Material: Yes
Colour: Amber
Size: 30 ml
Material: Glass
Pack Sizes: N/A
Container Dimensions: Dia. (29mm) Height (83.5mm) With Lid (88mm)
Approx. Label Dimensions: (updating soon) (width x height)

Additional information

Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 9 × 3 × 3 cm

Single, Flat of 168

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