Can Size & Chuck Size Reference Chart

Can Name, Size Capacity, Style & Chuck Size Reference Guide

The chuck is a disk-type part of the can sealer that holds the lid in place on top of the can during the seaming process.
The chuck size diameter must correctly matches the can size diameter in order for the seaming process to be successful.
All can linings / coatings are food grade unless specifically stated otherwise – call for more information if required.

Can Name

      Can Size


Can Style


211×1062-11/16” Dia. X 1-6/16” High3ozSteel, Straight smooth sides211
301×1063-1/16″ Dia. x 1-6/16″ High4ozSteel, Straight smooth sides301
307×1113-7/16″ Dia. x 1-11/16″ High6ozSteel, Straight, smooth sides307
307×200 Tapered Salmon Can3-7/16″ Dia. x 2″ High8ozSteel, Tapered, smooth sides307
#1  211×4002-11/16″ Dia. x 4″ High10ozSteel, Straight, beaded sides211
#2 Short  307×3083-7/16″ Dia. x 3-1/2″ High13ozSteel, Straight, beaded sides307
300×407 Soup3″ Dia. x 4-7/16″ High14ozSteel, Straight, beaded sides300
301×407 Tapered Salmon Can3-1/16″ Dia. x 4-8/16″ High16ozSteel, Tapered, smooth sides301
#2  307×4093-7/16″ Dia. x 4-9/16″ High19ozSteel, Straight, beaded sides307
#2.5  401×4114-1/16″ Dia. x 4-11/16″High28ozSteel, Straight, beaded sides401
#3  404×7004-4/16″ Dia. x 7″ High48ozSteel, Straight, beaded sides404
#5  501×5105-1/8” Dia. X 5-10/16” High60ozSteel, Straight, beaded sides502
#10  603×7006-3/16″ Dia. x 7″ High100ozSteel, Straight, beaded sides603

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*** Chart is for easy reference purposes only. Exact can capacities may vary slightly.
** Sizes are descriptive for comparison purposes. Please ensure that the product is suitable for your intended purpose.